First Commonwealth Picnic Patio

Any time you’re asked to combine an amazing client initiative with your local minor league baseball team, you’re having a good day. And that good day came to us when First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union agreed to sponsor an area called the “Picnic Patio” in left field of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs ballpark.

We started by creating a number of design directions, each uniquely suited to attract fans to the area. After a direction was selected, we refined the concept to fit the fabrication budget — the focal point being a faux neon “Picnic Patio” typographic treatment without actual, high dollar neon. In the end, the final sign measured in at 20 feet wide.

From there we created an accompanying logo, also mimicking neon signage, which paired perfectly with the rooftop sign and was utilized on all banners, signs, and wayfinding elements. It was a home run in every way. 

branding, environmental graphics, logo, signage