About Us

Let’s start with what we aren’t. We aren’t pushovers, glad-handers, or pixel pushers. We aren’t in it for the money, though we do like getting paid. We do not pitch ideas we think clients are looking for, we pitch them what we think is right. And we aren’t for everybody. But if you’re looking for a ​smart, nimble, uncompromising creative partner to take you to the next level, ​look no further.


In a nutshell, Projekt, Inc. is a creative foundry captained by Sean Costik, a 17-year veteran of the design industry. He’s at the center of every project and leads a trusted army of creative collaborators — including longtime developer Dustin Caruso — that he scales and curates to fit each project need.

If words aren’t enough, we tend to let our work speak for us. We’ve won awards and we have a long list of long-standing clients we consider family. If that sounds about right, jump over to our contact page and let’s get the ball rolling.