Graphic & Interactive Design

We’re not an Advertising Agency. We’re not a
Design Agency. Or an Interactive Agency. Not to pigeon
hole ourselves here, but we’re an Everything Agency.
That means whatever needs to be done to solve
problems, we do it.
We’re like branding MacGyver’s,
but way better looking.

Our Choiselle Work Gets Some Dieline Lovin.

If you work in this business long enough, you know that gunning solely for accolades will make you pull-your-eyebrows-out crazy. It’s just not why we do what we do. That said, when they come your way, it feels awesome…  More...


Bacon And Conversation. What’s Not To Love?

As if there weren’t enough things to look forward to on the weekend, we have 2nd Saturdays, a men’s group that gathers over God’s Word and hearty, often bacon-y, breakfast. So to give our tradition a little extra oomph, we put together…  More...


New Work For Choiselle. Your Skin’ll LOVE It.

Do you love your skin? Do you want it to love you back? Well, then do both of you a favor and feast your eyes on Choiselle, a new line of products developed by our friend and client, Nydia Norville. Using only natural ingredients…  More...


Check Our Pumped Up New Logo For Body Force

‘Tis the season for fitness-related work here at the PI HQ, and we gotta be honest, it’s getting us pretty pumped up. This time, it’s on account of our new logo for our pals at Body Force, a Cross Fit gym that…  More...