Ho Ho H’oh Yeah!

It’s that time of year again. The cold, eggnog soaked, snow-in-the-pants holiday season that reminds us, hey, spring is only four more miserable months away. But it’s also the time to remind ourselves just how blessed we are to do what we love and work with clients we admire and care about. So this year, we wanted to thank all the fine folks in the Projekt, Inc. universe with a holiday love note and a peppermint treat from Williams-Sonoma. Here’s a link to view the finished product. And here’s the card in all its delicious, paragraph form.

From your friends at Projekt, Inc.

Season’s greetings to a most wonderful client*

*Disclaimer: This seasonal greeting comes in the form of delicious peppermint bark and is not to be confused with tree bark, a dog’s bark, or Bark Tomlinson, a fictitious 17th century basket weaver with two left arms. This tasty treat should not be eaten while hanging upside down, cage fighting, riding bulls, sharpening swords, base jumping, or immediately after being eaten by a large blue whale somewhere in the South Pacific. Side effects may include joy, merriment, or a sudden feeling of unbridled contentment. If your good mood lasts more than four hours, call a Projekt, Inc. representative at 215-699-4052. This is the end of the disclaimer. Now please, dig in.

{ 2012 }